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Here at FlypapUK we are particularly partial to looking good, both flying and walking on “terra firma”. We will soon be stocking clothing – watch this space!


Supair Airbag Harness – A new standard in Paramotor safety


Since these last years it has been noticeable the evolution that we are witnessing in the world of Paramotor. Gliders are becoming smaller, engines more powerful.The latter ones are almost finishing with the dogmatic proportions between the pilot’s weight, the size of the glider, and the power of the engine.

The way of flying has changed!. Mainly in the “Slalom” modality, which has its second edition of the World Championship this year in Poland. The competition pilot’s bring their gliders to the limit while flying at maximum speeds and at very low altitudes. Logically, this increases the chance of accidents, and the protection for the pilot’s which are similar to the ones worn by motocross racers, are insufficient. We have spent many days changing and trying various triangulations to develop a more resistant frame against this kind of impact. And being very sure that using stainless steel is still the best material for the construction of our frames. Read more here…



Times change and after a long reflexion we have decided to bring to the market a basic kit with the essentials to make a balanced , pleasant and safe flight paramotor .


The kit consists of:
• Stainless Steel Frame ultimate PAP generation.
• 13L. tank installed.
• Arms with Anti Torque System.
We have not included our famous Sup’Air Paramotor harness in the kit as it is very possible that the customer interested already has one and we prefer to leave this item to your personal choice .

For who is the PAP PARAMOTOR KIT?.
• For A “ handyman “ that can mount his own Paramotor before buying a assembled engine and save a few euros in times of crisis.
• A PAP pilot who want’s to update his old machine while keeping his engine.
• A pilot who is not happy with his Paramotor and who wants to fly with the original PAP

For what engines is the PAP PARAMOTOR KIT?.
Our first idea was to make a frame in which to mount any Paramotor engine on the market , either a current or a former model. Finally we had to discard this idea because there are many small details that make that a Paramotor has the conditions of comfort and safety that we believe essential in PAP . Not all the engines rotate to the same side, or have the same depth, etc.

These are the Kit models depending on the engine that we propose:
KIT 1 : ROS 100 and 125 engine
KIT 2 : TOP 80 Engine
KIT 3 : RM 80 Engine , EVO 100 and PA 125
KIT 4 : THOR 130 Engine
KIT 5 : MOSTER 185 Engine
KIT 6 : THOR 200 Engine
KIT 7 : FLYENGINE 200 Engine

This does not mean that we can not customize a kit for another engine that is not included in this list. Always considering the crankcase measures and especially the engines depth as a fundamental aspect.

Price is dependent on chassis size and number of parts, please contact us for a tailored price

We can also supply the chassis without the fuel tank.