Paramotor Training

Have you ever dreamed of flight?. Find yourself staring at the skies?.             Watching birds fly, wondering what it must feel like?.

If this is you then your only a few steps to making that dream a reality, Starting with a tandem flight you will find yourself immersed in the experience that only a few have felt.

The course will teach you everything you need to know to get airborne, starting from the ground you will learn all the techniques needed to control the wing so you can safely use these skills for your first flight and beyond.                                                                                                      You will learn the techniques needed to stay safe on the ground and in the air, also all  the things needed to make you a safe pilot including, Air Law, Meteorology and theory of  flight.                                                                                                                                                                            You will learn the navigational skills needed to make you a safe and competent pilot.

Depending on your requirements I have packages to suit everyone.

All training equipment is provided.

Alternatively If you are already a pilot and are thinking about making the switch from foot launch to wheeled launch  why not get in touch and find out what is involved.

I can teach you the basics on forward launching, wing control as well as reverse launches, all this makes flying a trike simple and safe. 


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