Thor 200

You will fall in love with this engine as for it’s looks and noise, the lack of vibrations and enough thrust for tandem flight’s. A fabulous all in one with the only negative point : it’s weight for the ones that don’t want or can carry a few extra kilos on there back . Now fitted with all the upgrades you can be sure to have plenty of hassle free flights.

Cage 1400 mm Cage 1450 mm
Motor Type POLINI. 2 Stroke Monocylinder
Cooling Forced Air
Cylinder 193 cm3 ( 64 x 60 mm.)
Carburettor Polini ø28 PWK — //// — Walbro WB37
Power 29 CV / 8000 RPM — //// — 28 CV / 7400 RPM
Ignition Electronic
Reduction gear Mechanical in oil bath
Reduction rati 1/2,8
Transmission Centrifugal clutch
Start Manual
*Thrust (kg) aprox. 78kg aprox. 80kg
Fuel Leaded or unleaded Super grade + synthetic oil 2 %
Fuel tank 13,5 L
*Autonomy hours *about 3 h.
Cage Stainless Steel / T.I.G
Paramotor weight 31,5 kg. 32 kg.
Harness size: S, M, L, XL Sup´Air Special PAP
Propeller Size 125 cm. 130 cm.
Paramotor Size 140x140x46 145x145x46
Max. Pilot weight 170 kg. 175 kg.
Recommended Pilot weight * *